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Hydraulic fracturing could improve geothermal energy


A recent issue of The Economist had an article titled “Geothermal Energy, Hot Rocks, Why Geothermal Is the New Fracking.” The month before, a New York Times article titled, “Geothermal Industry Grows, With Help from Oil and Gas Drilling.” More>>

Changes to the oil, gas industry create benefits, concern


Robert N. Hart More>>

Dislike of slimy, spicy, stringy foods doesn't make one picky


I like to think of myself as a broad-minded person, open to new adventures, ready for anything that comes my way. This is especially true with food. I love to eat; I love to cook. So I was bowled over when a friend said to me, “You're a very picky eater.” More>>

Two basic conditions required to create great wine


Most of us want simple answers to the subjects or hobbies that pique our interest. Take wine, for example. I am often asked what it takes to produce consistently good wine. More>>

Does Lady Justice often peek from her blindfold?


Not knowing it would be her last day of life, the woman with long dark hair dressed to go out for the evening. I heard our neighbor's door slam as she left the house. She wore a white blouse and a pencil skirt of dark blue. High-heels and Navy blue pantyhose underscored her outfit. More>>

Ex-Im's choices of winners, losers hurts overall business


In recent years, the Export-Import Bank of the United States has drawn heavy criticism. Officials from the bank have gone on a nationwide barnstorming campaign to build support as many congressional Republicans consider shutting the public credit giant down via defunding it. More>>

Advances in technology can be both hazardous, helpful to your health


“Sometimes I think I spend 80 percent of my time undoing what other people tell my patients,” Dr. Bob groaned after I recently asked him if I should increase my daily intake of a certain medicine now in my daily regime. More>>

Understanding the quiet man behind the manic genius


I met Robin Williams 32 years ago at a bar in Italy. He must have been about 31 and had lived almost half of his life, although we didn't know it at the time.I was sitting at the bar with my ex-husband. More>>

Can creative nonfiction save newspapers?


Journalists give the essence of the story in the clothesline lead. They have been taught to begin a news story by telling the reader who, what, where, when, why and how. Any good journalist knows what the inverted pyramid is. More>>

Celebrating economic success, fiscal responsibility


I am pleased to once again meet with members of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, business and industry leaders and community representatives at the 2014 Business Summit. During our discussion, I plan to provide a summary of West Virginia's recent economic successes, as well as an overview of ongoing opportunities and future areas of expansion for our state. More>>

WV businesses have a partner: The State Journal


The next several years have the possibility of becoming a decisive period in the history of West Virginia as the state prepares to engage in the new economy and the opportunities afforded by Marcellus Shale. More>>

As an energy leader, WV needs champions


The Marcellus Shale affords West Virginia the chance to become an energy leader on a global stage. This requires West Virginia to reinvent itself as a multi-dimensional energy state that is agile and capable of having its industries seize opportunities on a moment's notice. More>>



It may be over-used, but the freshman 15 is one way of describing the extra pounds gained by guys and girls during their first year in college. More>>

Stink bug extinction methods abound; don't try them all at once


I missed the Plague of Locusts. Just so that I didn't feel left out, the universe sent me earwigs: slim insects that look like a stealth bomber with pinchers. They don't bite (don't know what the pinchers are for) and especially like damp places, the shower being particularly enticing for them. They like to congregate en masse in one's house, which is seriously creepy. More>>

College Summit marks decade of peak performance


College Summit, a national nonprofit that partners with educators, parents and community leaders to create a college-and-career-ready culture in high schools, is celebrating more than a decade of success in West Virginia this year. More>>

University of Charleston MBA program makes connections


The question, “Why should anyone be led by you?” is not only the title of Goffee and Jones' cogent and thought-provoking 2000 Harvard Business Review article. More>>

Marshall County commissioner to vote against power project


I am announcing my intent as a Marshall County commissioner to vote against, and not sign, the Marshall County Commission's final document(s) related to the PILOT agreement establishing government ownership of the proposed Moundsville Power gas-fired turbine generating plant south of Moundsville on the Honeywell-owned property next to also Honeywell-owned former Allied Chemicals of Democracy and Environmental Protection Agency “brown site.” More>>

Home rule for MU, WVU could lead to growth


With politics trumping decisive action at the national and state level, perhaps the best opportunity for accelerated growth in West Virginia's economy rests with its cities and major universities. More>>

Dangers come with disregarding the Bill of Rights


During the Second World War, over 110,000 Japanese-Americans were rounded up by the U.S. government and placed into concentration camps. Why? Because of fear. Since then, this same type of fear has caused many more irrational actions from our government. More>>

What does body language reveal?


Those darting eyes. That clenched fist. Those folded arms. More>>

Introducing the new era of cities 3.0


Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is the newly elected president of the United States Conference of Mayors, and much of his inaugural address focused on a new era for cities, which he called cities 3.0. More>>

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