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Lincoln County continues purging voter rolls

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Officials in Lincoln County are continuing the process of purging voter rolls in preparation for November's general election.

Just last month, a Lincoln County commissioner pleaded guilty to having a hand in election fraud, and purging the rolls is one way to ensure election laws are followed in the future.

"It's to the whole county's advantage to get these books cleaned up," County Clerk Myrl Gue said.

Every employee in the County Clerk's Office spends seven-and-a-half hours a day going through thousands of voter registration cards, Gue said.

That process has not been cheap, he said. Last week, the Clerk's Office used up its budget for the year.

"We were beginning to go in the red," Gue said.

But the Lincoln County Commission allotted more money to the Clerk's Office for the purging project, Gue said.

Officials hope that, once the project is complete, voter confidence will be restored, Gue said.

"It's open and fair now," he said. "I think you'll get better people seek office. Peoples confidence should be more now"

Part of the problem the Clerk's Office workers have encountered is how long the issue had been ignored, Gue said. Voter information in the county had not been updated in a long time – some for more than 50 years.

"Some of the material they're going through is from back in the ‘60s," he said.

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